Residential Recovery

Next Step provides individual residences for men and women. Each home is located within blocks of the main facility and houses up to 10 residents. Most residents will have at least one roommate and will be expected to participate in household chores, including meal preparation and clean-up.

Educational Services

Next Step understands that addiction becomes a lifestyle and is committed to equipping residents for sustained recovery by empowering each individual we serve through educational programs. Incorporating the 12 Steps into most of these. The 12 Steps emphasize personal accountability, abstinence, humility, honesty, powerlessness over addiction and connection with a higher power. While addiction is a cycle of self-destruction, recovery is a process of self-realization and transformation. Next Step is committed to equipping residents in how to care for themselves and others in emotionally healthy ways.

The classes offered weekly are:

Boundaries: Understanding that many addicts have never established healthy boundaries in their own lives, this class helps individuals to understand and set personal boundaries, and how to do so in a way that does not promote guilt. The Boundaries class will address and heal attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that led to substance abuse.

It Takes Courage: Discovering who you are without your substance can be scary. As the residents pursue recovery they will begin to uncover their personal strengths and weaknesses. How to use their strengths to for ongoing recovery and how to address their weaknesses to avoid relapse. This class focuses on character, relationships, and acceptance of the person he/she was made to be.

Relapse prevention: Recovery is one day at a time. Relapse prevention revisits the twelve steps in a way that equips the individual to recognize emotional, mental, and physical stages of relapse, and helps them address these before relapse occurs.

Job Skills and Life Skills: Next Step has a professional Employment Coach who educates, advises and assists residents with obtaining worthwhile employment.

Spiritual Courses: Next Step is a Faith Based organization and believes that as our walk with the LORD gets stronger, the power of the addiction gets weaker. Next Step offers Bible Study and Christian Philosophy classes to assist the residents, who choose to attend, to grow in their Spiritual lives.

Health, Wellness and Fitness: Many individuals in recovery begin to realize the toll their addiction has taken on their physical health. Next Step offers classes in health and nutrition by a licensed nurse. During these classes residents learn how to replenish nutrients lost due to addiction as well as how to eat for optimal health. Next Step also offers a variety of group fitness activities such as walking and yoga.

Recovery Works

The Recovery Works program is a state-funded program designed to provide support services to those without insurance coverage who are involved with the criminal justice system. Recovery Works is dedicated to increasing the availability of specialized mental health treatment and recovery services in the community for those who may otherwise face incarceration. Treatment and/or recovery services are intended to supplement community supervision strategies to decrease recidivism.  This is a state-funded program to provide addiction services to indigent persons in the state.

Requirements for acceptance into the program are:
  1. Must be a resident of Indiana.   
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Must have an annual income not exceeding 200% of the federal income poverty level
  4. Must have been in the criminal justice system at some time and charged or convicted of a felony.

Mentoring Program

Next Step to Healthy Families is a mentoring program for young mothers who are incarcerated. This program matches young mothers with a female mentor who serves as a friend, support and confidant. The young mothers who participate in this program do so voluntarily because they are seeking to improve the direction of their lives and become better mothers. Research has proven that recidivism is decreased by 93% when a mentoring relationship is established.

For more information on how you can become part of this program, visit the NS Mentoring site or call 812-917-4233.

Meeting Grounds

Next Step has a coffee shop in a beautiful 1894 church sanctuary, which is open to our clients all week for a place to meet with family, to socialize with new friends or just to find some quiet space for journaling, prayer or reflection.