Why Next Step

Why is Next Step different?

                                                Focused on Recovery:

We believe that for those attempting to overcome addiction, it is not enough just to give them room and board in a clean and sober environment.  We are focused on providing all the elements necessary for a successful recovery. Our "Step-In" program is a 90 day residential program for men and women where they live in a group environment, participate in daily 12-Step meetings, attend weekly classes and are encouraged to become employed and receive counseling if desired.  After 90 days, residents can graduate from the program or they can apply to the "Step-Up" program where they receive additional one-on-one assistance from our Certified Recovery Specialist in creating an individualized program for lasting sobriety. 

The final step in our program is the "Step-Out" program, where residents can enter our honor housing and become reunited with their children while still having access to the meetings, classes and counseling important for their continued transition into society.

                                                        Community Funded:

The Next Step facilities have been purchased by members of the community and with church and individual support, along with strong volunteer involvement,  we provide the residential housing and services at a reasonable cost to the residents.

                    Why is Next Step Necessary?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction IS a problem in Wabash Valley:

Vigo County is in the top 10% of Indiana counties in abuse of prescription drugs and overall drug and alcohol use and there are only 10-15 beds available at any time in a five county area for treatment, according to a Vigo County 2009 report.

Faith-Based Programs Are Effective:

According to the Research Society for Alcoholism, faith-based programs for recovery are 30% more effective in long-term success than non faith-based.